John Delaney Crowe is a long term bibliophile and devotee of many things, one of which is flagellation erotica. Of particular interest is the tracking down of real authors of literary work not generally seen as quite respectable.

2 thoughts on “About”

  1. John,

    Just wanted to clarify some things on your Martin Pyx page. First off, Summer Frolics is the first volume in The Sigma Cycle. Autumn Scandals is volume II followed by Spring Fevers and finally Birch Fever.

    Next, in the opening lines of Summer Frolics Pyx refers to “The Shipmasters”. I suspect that was a misprint and he meant “The Whipmasters”. THE WHIPMASTERS is another printing of Dedeaux’s “The Territory Within” and was published in the Grove Press Venus Library #1110. Amazon has no inventory, but a pic of the cover.


    PS: I have a fairly detailed listing of the Grove Press Venus Library offerings. Just let me know if you’d like a copy


    • Dear Tiredny,

      Thanks for your contribution – you are right about the Pyx sequence – I will update the page.

      Your explanation of the “Shipmasters” error solves a problem as well. I knew “Territory Within” had been printed in the Venus Library but not which title. So thanks again I will update accordingly.

      I also have a fairly detailed list of the Venus Library but would like to compare it with yours. I would like to publish a list of the VL on this site together with as much information on the origins of each title.

      If you send me an email to carrick@netcon.net.au I will send you my list.



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